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1. I’ve always been the party guest to make friends with the resident pet.


2. I prefer to spend my Friday evenings hiking in the woods or swimming at the lake with my husband and three dogs.


3. Creating and exploring are my biggest passions in life and my camera is always close by.


4. I have a BA in Digital Animation from the University of Montana.


5. My husband and I got engaged in Olympic National Park.

6. We got married at a Ranger station in Glacier National Park. 


7. I adored living in Montana and I hope to move back one day. 


8. I support rescue and responsibly bred.


9. I have three dogs.  Two rescues and one from a responsible breeder.


10. My dogs were named around a common theme: Ranger, Glacier and Olympia.


11. I have two cats. Cooper and Korra.


12. One day, I hope to have a small, hobby farm. I grew up working on farms and the barn feels like home to me. 


13. I LOVE to travel. Although I’m not a huge adrenaline junkie, I get a rush from seeing new things. 


14. My husband and I hope to visit all of the US National Parks together. We plan to take our pups on as many of those visits as possible.


15. Growing up I had a family dog named Jessie. She was a Labrador and Golden Retriever mix. She was not a rescue or purposely bred, and yet she was perfect. She is the one that started it all for me and she will always be my first dog. 

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